Best Techniques for Weaning Your Baby

Offer Distractions

Offer Distractions

Sometimes the only thing you can do to detract from breastfeeding or bottles is to draw a child’s attention elsewhere. This is where distractions come in handy.

  • Bring them outside to play, read them a book, or hand them a snack. This will distract them from wanting to nurse and allow you to feed them solid foods instead.
  • Giving your little one a snack or an alternative meal some time before they usually feed will also make them feel fuller, so they may not ask to nurse for a while after eating.
  • A fuller child is much less likely to fuss when they aren’t breastfed often enough and usually do not feel adverse effects from reduced nursing.

It is important to note that you should offer distractions before your child is asking to nurse. At this point, they should be on a pretty set schedule, so you should know when they will likely get hungry. Offer distractions before they start to strongly desire a nursing session.

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