Best Techniques for Weaning Your Baby

Create a New Bonding Routine

Create a New Bonding Routine

Another thing that makes weaning difficult is the fact that breastfeeding has been a bonding activity for so long between mother and baby. It is important that you create new bonding routines and activities that your child can use to replace breastfeeding.

Adding these bonding activities to your routine can help the transition go more smoothly and give your little one something new to look forward to. This can be in the form of a bedtime story, a cuddle, a lullaby, or even something like a (baby) massage or a foot rub.

By demonstrating there are other ways to feel safe and that you will still be around to bond with them even after breastfeeding is over, you’re showing them that it’s not the end of the world. Once a child understands that breastfeeding is just one of many ways they can achieve a particular result, they will be able to move on more easily.

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