Easy Pacifier Tips for Every Parent

Start after Breastfeeding is Established

Start after Breastfeeding is Established

So, when is the best time to introduce a pacifier? AFTER breastfeeding has been established.

The type of sucking a baby does when breastfeeding is completely different from the kind they do for pacifiers. Breastfeeding requires a wide, open-mouthed latch while pacifier sucking only requires a narrow latch.

This can lead to nipple confusion or even improper latch while breastfeeding, and improper latch can lead to malnutrition, decrease in milk supply, and even breast problems like mastitis and plugged ducts.

This is why it’s a good idea to make sure your little one is correctly breastfeeding before introducing a pacifier. After all, it is the act of breastfeeding that brings your child the nutrients they need, not the pacifier.

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