Easy Pacifier Tips for Every Parent

Offer, but Don't Force

Offer, but Don’t Force

While there are some babies who immediately take to pacifiers with no coaxing, it isn’t the case for every child. Some may be more resistant as the pacifier nipple feels artificial and they simply want mom’s breast.

Some babies are already proficient at self-soothing, which means that a pacifier will do nothing for them. There is no need to introduce something that needs to be weaned later if your baby doesn’t want or need it.

There aren’t any crucial benefits your baby will receive from a pacifier. Its main purpose, after all, is to keep your baby happy. As such, you shouldn’t force a pacifier on your baby. You can try time and again to introduce the pacifier if you feel it will be something beneficial to both of you, but if they don’t take it by the time they are 6 months old, you should just let it go.

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