Easy Pacifier Tips for Every Parent

Clean Pacifiers Regularly

Clean Pacifiers Regularly

Your child’s pacifier will get dirty – A LOT. Between dropping it on the ground, dragging it on the floor when crawling, or the dog grabbing it, you will be cleaning it quite often.

Keeping your baby’s pacifier(s) clean is crucial as it goes in their mouth all the time. You don’t want them introducing harmful bacteria or other substances into their body, which can make them very sick.

Here are some tips for cleaning your child’s pacifiers on a regular basis:

  • Always follow the cleaning instructions on the pacifier packaging. Most can be boiled, but some may have special directions.
  • Clean the pacifiers right after you buy them, before you give them to your child for the first time. Packaging can be dirty.
  • When your child’s pacifier drops, take it away from them immediately and place it somewhere they cannot reach. Keeping a bag handy for dirty pacifiers is always a good idea so you don’t get confused about which ones are clean and dirty.
  • Never attempt to clean a pacifier with your own mouth. This can introduce foreign bacteria to your child who has a very weak and underdeveloped immune system.
  • Setting aside a day or two every week (depending on how many pacifiers you have) to clean your child’s pacifiers is a good way to ensure they are always clean. Make sure they are completely cooled and dry before giving them back to your little one.
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