Easy Pacifier Tips for Every Parent

Don’t Go DIY

Don’t Go DIY

It can be tempting to fashion a low-cost pacifier from bottle nibs, caps, or other items you have lying around the house. This is never a good idea; homemade pacifiers can be a potential choking hazard for babies. The pieces used may also be sharp, not sterile, or may contain materials that are hazardous.

There is a reason that commercial pacifiers are made the way they are – they’re the safest shape, size, and configuration for a baby to use without fearing for their safety. In addition, commercial pacifiers are made to be easy to clean and wash, whereas DIY pacifiers have a tendency to be more susceptible to bacteria of all sorts.

You should also never resort to DIY solutions to convince your baby to suck on a pacifier. Pacifiers aren’t that expensive; just pay the few dollars needed to get your baby something that is safe.

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