Easy Pacifier Tips for Every Parent

Pacifiers Shouldn't be a First Response

Pacifiers Shouldn’t be a First Response

Parents can easily fall into the trap of giving their baby a pacifier for every little fuss and cry. After all, it’s so much easier to grab a pacifier when you are busy. You have a lot to do and likely tired from lack of sleep, so giving your baby a pacifier quiets them right away.

Treating the pacifier as a first response to every cry will not only cause your child to develop a dependency on the pacifier but may also cause you to miss cues for important issues that a pacifier can’t solve.

The majority of the time, babies don’t just start crying because they want to suck on something. A fussing baby might be hungry, need to be changed, need burping, or even just want some cuddles or a change in position. You should eliminate all of these possibilities before offering your baby a pacifier.

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