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What to Do if Your Baby Doesn't Like the Pacifier?

What to Do if Your Baby Doesn’t Like the Pacifier?

As mentioned previously, you should never force your baby to take a pacifier. However, there are cases that may require a little more coaxing. If your baby doesn’t know how to self soothe and they seem like they need something to help calm them down – but they won’t take a pacifier, some parents may start to panic.

It can be very exhausting to have a fussy baby who won’t take a pacifier. It may take a bit of time and persuasion to get your baby to accept one. For some babies, it may take months.

Sometimes, it could just be the shape of the nipple that your baby doesn’t like. It could be the difference between rubber and silicone. Whatever the case may be, try several types of pacifiers. It may take a while before you find the one your baby likes.

Again, never force it, but if your child needs some form of soothing, just use gentle persuasion. If your baby still won’t take it after trying for a while – especially if they are older than 6 months – just let it be and find other ways to cope.

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