Essential Foods for Baby’s Brain Development

In order to build a strong house, you need a good foundation, and no foundation is more important than brain development in early infancy. Nerves constantly connect and grow, which in turn affect memory, learning, attention, and sensory systems – essentially everything the body needs in order to function intellectually and physically.

The foods we chose to introduce into our bodies have the power to help or hurt this development. Believe it or not, the brain of a three-year-old is expected to be about 80% of its adult size on average, meaning the brain has done more of its growing and changing in the first three years than it will for the rest of their life.

As parents, this can put a lot of stress on us as we want to do right by our children to help them grow strong and healthy. So, it’s only natural that you would have questions regarding your baby’s first foods, wondering what is best to give them in order to ensure proper brain development.

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