How to Easily Soothe Your Baby

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Babies can be quite the handful when they are little. On average, they can spend about 2 to 3 hours per day crying, and considering that newborns are only awake for about 4 hours or so between their naps, it can start to drive a mother crazy after a while.

Sometimes fussiness is simply because crying is your baby’s only means of communication. Other times there may be a cause of discomfort or even colic. With some helpful tips, you can try to narrow down the source of your baby’s tears. Hopefully, you can find ways to soothe them so you can get a bit of peace and quiet – and peace of mind.

Rock-a-Bye Baby

1. Rock-a-Bye Baby

Have you ever wondered why babies like being rocked? Well, in a way it simulated the womb and helps them feel safe again. You may have noticed that your baby seemed quiet and still throughout the day when you were busy but then as soon as you settled down at night, your baby decided to start doing acrobatics in your belly.

Your baby got used to the rocking motion they felt when they were in your belly; they were literally rocked to sleep on a regular basis. So, coming into the outside world and not having that constant rocking motion may be upsetting to them.

Try picking your baby up and cuddling them close, bouncing, swaying, and rocking them to see if the motion help to calm their mood. Your baby will start to feel relaxed and at ease as you hold them close to your body and heart.

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