Potty Train like a Professional

Oh, how lucky we are to live in the days of disposable diapers. With the increase in absorbency and convenience of always having multiple clean diapers around, it is just easier sometimes to let our little ones live in diapers for the first few years of their lives.

However, there comes a day when the diaper needs to retire and potty training begin whether you think you are ready for it or not. Sometimes this transition is initiated by a child’s readiness while other times a parent needs to start the process.

Regardless of how it begins, the process of potty training starts to look the same for every parent as you run into the same road blocks and headaches that come with the responsibility of teaching your child something new.

It doesn’t have to be a process full of tears – your toddler’s or your own; it can actually be a lot of fun for both of you if you have a few tips to help keep things moving – literally!

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