Potty Train like a Professional

Skip the Pull-Ups

Skip the Pull-Ups

Training pants like Pull-Ups are often hit or miss when it comes to potty training. The concept behind them is good – more absorbent than underwear but less than diapers to allow the feeling of wetness – but oftentimes, kids still treat them like diapers since they have the same type of material.

Even though it means a few more messes to clean up, going straight to underwear may be more successful. Your child can immediately feel when they are wet, even if it makes a mess, and makes them more aware of trying to find a potty before they go.

Underwear featuring their favorite characters can also be a great motivator. Kids feel excited knowing that they can pick their own underwear and see Elmo, Batman, or even Anna and Elsa when they take their pants off to go potty.

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