Potty Train like a Professional

Introduce the Concept of a Reward

Introduce the Concept of a Reward

If all else fails, you may need to consider creating incentives or rewards for a job well done on the potty. You may feel uncomfortable at first, especially since you don’t want the idea to carry over to other areas of raising your child, but it can also be fun for both you and them as well as helpful.

Create a system that works for everyone. You can even establish different levels of “prizes” associated with different areas of success.

Try creating a calendar with two types of stickers, one for pee and one for poo. Let your child place a sticker on the calendar each time they successfully use the toilet. Establish a small prize for each time they pee (perhaps a single M&M or a penny) and a slightly bigger prize for poo (maybe a quarter or a small toy).

You can even treat them to something bigger or a fun outing at the end of a successful week with no accidents.

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