Potty Train like a Professional

Don't Rush

Don’t Rush

It is easy to get impatient with your child while they dilly-dally on the potty, but it’s important that you don’t rush them if you want them to actually try to go. You should let things happen in their own time, both the toilet sitting time and the overall potty training process.

One of the problems most parents face is unrealistic expectations. They think that potty training should take 4 weeks or less, especially when the internet search results for “potty training tips” often come up with 3-day methods. The truth is many children require 12 weeks or more to complete the potty training process.

Parents also rush their children to either finish their potty sitting time or overall potty training for their own convenience. They may be in a rush to move onto the next thing or may just be so focused on how much better and easier it will be when the whole process is finished.

Just remember that each child is different and you should allow things to happen in their own time. Pressuring your child too much may slow their progress and actually cause them to want to give up.

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