Potty Train like a Professional

Offer Distractions

Offer Distractions

Sometimes just sitting on the potty waiting for something to happen can be boring for a child. They become anxious, wanting to go back to their play before they have had a chance to go.

You may need to offer a few distractions to keep your little one occupied and entertained while they are on the potty. Keep some books nearby for them to look at or let them take a friend or toy with them to play with.

You can even turn potty time into game time or teaching time. Play kid-friendly music that has hand motions to go along with it. Or you can practice counting, ABC’s, and other quizzes appropriate for their age.

Just don’t rely on the TV as it has been shown to do more harm than good. It’s the wrong type of distraction that may actually take their attention away from doing their business.

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