Potty Train like a Professional

Be Prepared for Relapses

Be Prepared for Relapses

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you are making progress only to find your child starting to have accidents again. Potty training regressions are actually very common and something you should be prepared for.

Keep calm and try to identify the root of the problem. You can’t treat the symptoms if you don’t know the cause. Some common triggers for potty training regressions include:

  • Stress from starting a new school or daycare
  • The desire to be a baby after the birth of a new sibling
  • Pain from a previous bowel movement or constipation, or
  • Fear of getting in trouble for an accident

Don’t give up and don’t freak out. Give your child gentle reminders to try and go every few hours or so, comforting and reassuring them of the progress they’ve made so far.

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