Potty Train like a Professional

Use Visual Aids

Use Visual Aids

Kids – especially babies and toddlers – are visual learners, so finding a few visual aids to enhance the potty talk and demonstrate the process can be helpful as well as fun for your little one.

Dolls are especially useful since they are made to mimic our own bodies, but other stuffed animals work just as well. Engage in play with your child, asking them, “Do you think they have to go potty? Maybe we should help them.” You can even start to show them the process of wiping this way.

By using the same toy or doll each time you play pretend with potty time, you can create an association between that toy and the potty itself. It can become a companion that your child takes with them when it’s time to use the toilet.

Other visual aids like books and videos geared toward potty training – Elmo, right?! – can also be helpful. Sometimes children find their favorite characters more compelling to follow and listen to than Mom and Dad.

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