Potty Train like a Professional

Choose A Fun Potty

Choose A Fun Potty

A little potty may be a bit harder for you to clean, but it’s a better choice overall when starting the potty training process.

Most toddlers love the feeling of ownership or responsibility, so having their own little potty can be a motivator to help them start potty training. Letting them choose colors and/or patterns can also help them feel like it’s theirs.

Understandably, the big toilet can be quite intimidating to a tiny toddler. It can often be scary; the bowl is big enough for them to fall in (even if you get one of those little seats for the top) and it is loud. A small, quiet potty is a better way to help them feel more comfortable.

The big toilet is also very hard for them to access on their own if they feel the urge to go. Until they have faster reflexes and are able to climb up on their own, a small potty is easier for them to run to and sit on when they feel they have to go.

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