Preventing Your Baby’s Gas and Colic Symptoms

Be Selective with Solid Foods

Be Selective with Solid Foods

In addition to starting solid foods slowly, you should also be selective with the foods you introduce to them, especially if they are prone to issues with gas and colic.

Fruits that are high in fructose vegetables and high in starch require a lot of good bacteria to be properly digested. A baby’s body may not be capable of producing the right bacteria or enzymes in order to fully digest these components. As a result, your little one may wind up with digestive issues or simply have an upset tummy.

Some examples of ingredients to avoid include:

  • Apples, carrots, pears, and even yams.
  • Instead of choosing these, opt for low-fructose fruit ingredients or low-starch vegetable ingredients for best results.
  • Some good options are spinach, banana, baby corn, peaches, apricots, and squash.

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