Preventing Your Baby’s Gas and Colic Symptoms

Try Baby Massage

Try Baby Massage

Another way to relieve gas pain is to give their digestive system a little bit of help through baby massage. There are a few options you can try to help you find something that works for your baby.

Option #1

  • Lay your baby down on their back across your lap or on a soft surface.
  • Gently rub their tummies in a clockwise manner. Why clockwise? Because the intestines work in this direction and you can help stimulate their activity this way and provide relief.
  • There’s no harm that will come from massaging counter-clockwise, but it may be less effective on the whole, especially if it’s baby gas specifically and not colic that is causing the problem.

Option #2

  • Carefully place your baby across your knees with their stomach down.
  • Gently and slowly moving your legs upwards and downwards each time to give them a little abdominal massage.
  • Make sure you’re holding them or that they are secure so that they don’t fall or roll off, and be very tender in your movements.
  • You’re not kicking them so much as providing a less aggressive version of what a massage chair might do for an adult.

Option #3

  • Rest your baby with their tummy facing down across your forearm.
  • Allow their head to rest in the palm of your hand so you can properly support their neck.
  • Sway them from side to side to simulate a rocking movement.
  • As you do this, gently and soothingly rub their back.

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