Preventing Your Baby’s Gas and Colic Symptoms

Find Ways to Soothe

Find Ways to Soothe

Colic and gas are often associated with each other since one usually affects or causes the other. A colicky baby cries excessively, and all of this crying may cause your baby to swallow a lot of air which – as we have already established – can cause a buildup of gas.

Before you are able to address any discomforts your baby may be experiencing, you will need to find ways to calm them down first. This is the same for everyday things like feeding and sleeping; it’s hard for your baby to focus on anything else when they are screaming and crying.

One thing that works sometimes – aside from holding, rocking, bathing, etc. – is white noise. A soft, whooshing sound like crashing waves or even a running vacuum can help to calm your baby enough to start addressing their needs.

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