Preventing Your Baby’s Gas and Colic Symptoms

Consider Supplemental Help

Consider Supplemental Help

Sometimes you may need a little extra help from some sort of supplement or “medication.” Now, there isn’t a particular medication that cures colic and/or gas, but there are things you can try to ease your baby’s discomfort.

A good option is to try a probiotic:

  • A probiotic supplement can help to produce good bacteria species in the gut, promoting better health, digestion, and growth of the intestinal tract.
  • A daily dose of this is said to be able to relieve all traces of baby gas within 10 days or in some cases, even as soon as 3 days.
  • They come in all sorts of forms, from powder to liquid options, so there is essentially something for every baby.

Gripe water is also a popular option for parents with colicky babies. This is a liquid supplement made with sodium bicarbonate and herbs that are known to calm babies and even relieve some symptoms of gas. You can even find some formulas with chamomile or lavender, which also have calming properties.

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