Preventing Your Baby’s Gas and Colic Symptoms

Know When to Take a Break

Know When to Take a Break

Sometimes you just need to take a break yourself before you are able to really be helpful to your baby. If you get stressed or frustrated when you are unable to calm your baby, it may just be best to step away for a moment or two.

  • Put your baby down into their crib, walk away somewhere within earshot, and take a few minutes to breathe. Don’t just focus on leaving the scene, focus on actually calming your entire body.
  • There is no shame in clearing your head, and chances are that this break will help you stay calmer and find solutions more quickly – and of course, it will also make your baby less anxious.
  • You should not feel any guilt for requesting assistance from someone else, whether it is from your partner or spouse, family members, friends, or anyone else you can trust with your baby.
  • If possible, try to make an arrangement that allows you to have 30-90 minutes per day to yourself. Everyone needs a little me-time, and parenthood shouldn’t stop you from getting the rest you need.

Taking time to breathe can be good for both you and your baby. You may find yourself becoming less stressed with your baby’s situation in the future.

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