Surviving The First 3 Months With Your New Baby

Don't Feel Like You Have to Do It All

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Do It All

If your career path is that of a housewife, it is easy to get caught up in the mindset that you need to do it all and do it now. You feel like you should be able to take care of a baby as well as the house and any sort of errands necessary while still having dinner ready when your husband comes home – that perfect Leave it to Beaver, Mrs. Cleaver type of woman.

The truth is, you’re not Superwoman, especially not during the first three months after birth. Your baby will demand most of your attention and you will honestly be too tired to do much of anything else.

Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, realize that there are some things that can wait. You don’t need to vacuum right now; those dishes won’t disintegrate in the sink if you don’t get to them today. If you feel like you had a busy day but can’t name a single “profitable” thing you did – congratulations – you’ve officially joined the motherhood club.

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