Surviving The First 3 Months With Your New Baby

Nap with Your Baby

Nap with Your Baby

Let’s not sugarcoat this: you are going to lose a lot of sleep with a baby in the house. When you are waking up multiple times per night to feed your baby and respond to cries for cuddles and diaper changes, you can expect to lose a few hours of sleep every night.

For some, you may be able to handle this loss of sleep easily. However, for many, this loss of sleep will eventually catch up with you and have you in desperate need for a nap. So, the question is how can you get a little extra sleep with a newborn around?

The best way to do this is plan on napping when your baby does. You don’t have to sleep every time they do, but their short little sleep spurts will keep you from sleeping too long while giving you the amount of shuteye you need to feel rested again.

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