Tricks to Help You and Your Baby Get Better Sleep

Relax Your Mind and Body

Relax Your Mind and Body

It is just as important that you prepare yourself for sleep much in the same way you prepare your baby. Your body needs to know what is coming, allowing it to settle and unwind for the evening before you climb into bed.

Try to stay away from your phone or the TV right before bed. The blue backlight disrupts sleep since it stimulates the brain and actually makes it think it is day time. If you are a reader and find yourself reading e-books at night, see if your phone has a night setting, which changes the backlight from harsh blue to soft yellow, which is easier on your eyes.

How many times have you gotten into bed, ready to finally get some sleep after a long day, only to find that your brain simply won’t turn off? You think about all the things you didn’t do today, the things you need to do tomorrow, and of course, that thing that happened 10 years ago that still bothers you.

Establish a yoga routine to help stretch your body and calm your muscles. Keep a journal next to your bed so you can unload all of those things running through your mind so you won’t have to think about them until tomorrow.

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